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Smartlipo, Overview

Please also see Vaser Liposelection which is also minimally invasive fat reducing method but gives far better results. Smartlipo was introduced into the UK market in 2006 and we were one the first clinic to use Smartlipo in the UK. We now know, Smartlipo (Laser lipolysis) did not stand to its expectation, as claimed at the time of introduction. Therefore, we have been advising our clients to look at Vaser lipo instead of Smartlipo and we ceased to use Smartlipo from March 2009. Please read more about Vaser lipo on our website. However, Smartlipo was considered to be be an innovative advanced laser fat melting technique proposed for the removal of excess fatty tissue in those areas of the body that are usually resistant to diet and physical exercise.
Many of us have those obstinate areas of fat deposits that just will not go away. It does not matter how much we diet or how much exercise we do. It could be your tummy, jawline/jowl, back and underarms, hips, knees or any other area of fat deposits, laser technology used in a Smartlipo device could be the answer. Our Smartlipo prices starts from 1200.00 Pounds. For more information on Smartlipo, please click on each of the below questions.


  • Advantages of Smartlipo Laser lipolysis or laser liposuction over traditional liposuction:

    • Smart lipo is a less invasive procedure, Smartlipo was termed by the media as "lunch-time liposuction".
    • Using Smartlipo for fat removal is a straightforward and safe procedure.
    • Smartlipo virtually has no major side-effects.
    • Faster recovery after using smartlipo liposculpture.
    • Smartlipo is less traumatic than traditional liposuction, because Smartlipo uses micro-cannulae.
    • Laser liposuction or Smartlipo gives a smoother contour of the overlying skin.
    • Smartlipo might cause collagen formation and tightening of the skin.
    • Smartlipo can be safely carried out under local anaesthesia.
    • Liposmart or smartlipo can be repeated, if required.
    • Smartlipo costs less than traditional liposuction procedure.
  • How does Smartlipo work?

    Laser pulses from Smartlipo laser machine will destroy fat cells by using a fine cannula (about 2mm diameter). Research has revealed that laser melt fat by heat. The high temperature at the tip of laser firing beam melts fat. Most of the melted fat by Smartlipo is aspirated out of the body by a liposuction pump to promote recovery and enhance early and better final results. However, small amount of the remaining melted fat by Smartlipo will finally be absorbed by the lymphatic system in the body and then naturally disposed of by the liver and kidney. Simultaneously, Smartlipo seals-off minor blood vessels during the lipolysis procedure and it is thought, in the longer-term, Smartlipo leads to production of collagen and supporting tissues to tighen skin, in order to gain a sculptured and smooth finish. Therefore, smartlipo laser beam melts fat cells and there are some evidence that smartlipo leads to collagen formation which leads onto some skin contraction and tightening. This process takes several months after the smartlipo procedure.
  • Am I suitable for Smartlipo?

    Smartlipo is a less invasive procedure compared with the traditional liposuction in terms of damage to the tissues. At the launch and introduction of Smartlipo in the UK in 2006, Smartlipo was marketed  and promoted aggressively but working with Smartlipo (laser assisted liposuction) for the last few years, our experience suggest that Smartlipo has not fulfiled our expectation and some of our patients, as it was claimed by the company and marketing materials. Therefore, nowadays, we select our client for Smartlipo more carefully and only clients with small area of fat deposit are offered Smartlipo because, with experience, we have found out that Vaser lipo is more suitable for other sizes of fat deposits of our clients and Vaser lipo gives better results. However, during your initial consultation we will be able to supply you information and help you if Smartlipo, Vaser lipo or Body Water-jet is the best option for your problem.
  • What should I expect when I come for a Smartlipo procedure in your clinic?

    We perform the smartlipo procedure under aseptic conditions in a clean environment to minimize and prevent any possible risk of infection. At our Doctors Makeover, our Cosmetic Surgery Day Surgery Unit, on your arrival you will be checked and the team meet you before the procedure. You will be asked to change into a gown and after marking the area, cleansing the skin under aseptic and sterile conditions, we will numb the area and then using the Smartlipo to melt the fat. We use a vacuumn pump to aspirate and withdraw the melted fat as much as we can.
  • Does Smartlipo tighten skin?

    Yes, it is known that any damage to the skin and subcutaneous tissues might lead to some skin tighening. Therefore, there will be some skin retraction and skin tightening in almost all types of liposuction such as Vaser lipo and Body Water-jet lipo. Our experience suggests that Vaser lipo and Smartlipo result in a very similar skin tightening , although we have not carried out a formal study on this subject. However, it is thought that during Smart lipo heat generated by the firing laser beam (estimated to be around 430 C) might also stimulate skin collagen formation but the process of skin tightening usually takes several months or even up to a year to be completed.
  • Does Smartlipo give permanent results?

    Yes, it does. It is known that the number of fat cells after puberty is usually constant in our body but each fat cell enlarge or shrink as we gain or lose weight during our life. Procedures such as Smartlipo, Vaser lipo, Body Water-jet will destroy fat cells which are permanently removed from the fatty tissues and the body. However, a good lifestyle such as regular exercise and a healthy diet help to maintain weight. Otherwise gaining weight could be a problem despite the fact that, proportionally, fatty tissues enlargement will be less evident in the treated area compared with increase in size of fat deposits at the untreated area. It is also worth mentioning that there is evidence that vigorous dieting and weight loss, then gaining weight after such a severe dieting might lead to the increase in the overall number of fat cells in the body. Certainly, healthy diet plays an important part in our health and well-being and a "balance" diet of natural foods and non-processed foods which contain low in "carbohydrates" is our diet of choice at Doctors Makeover.
  • How many Smartlipo treatments will I require?

    For localized small deposits of fat just one session of Smartlipo. For larger areas of fat volume the procedure can be repeated. During Smartlipo procedure, we use a traditional liposuction pump to aspirate the melted fat from a larger area to enhance results. At our cosmetic surgery unit (Doctors Makeover), during your consultation, we will advise you on the best course of action. As other minimally invasive methods of fat removal, such as Vaser lipo and Body Water-jet, is proving to be more powerful and effective we might advise you to consider an alternative method such as Vaser liposuction instead of Smartlipo.
  • How long does Smartlipo Procedure take?

    Approximately between an hour or two for each area to be treated by Smartlipo. At Doctors Makeover Smartlipo London clinic we use a single session to treat one, two or three areas. For example, lower abdomen, 'love handles' and jawline would be three areas. Therefore, the duration of time you spend in our clinic depends on the number of areas and amount of fat deposit in each area to be treated by Smartlipo.
  • What are the possible side-effects of Smartlipo?

    At the time of the launch of Smartlipo a few years ago, it was claimed that Smartlipo was set to make changes in liposculpture. We were one of the first clinics in the United Kingdom to offer Smartlipo treatment to our clients, because we were aware that Smartlipo was a minimally invasive procedure. Smartlipo is safer and far less invasive than traditional liposuction. Therefore, we thought the relatively low level of side-effects such as discomfort or minor bruising would justify Smartlipo use. It was also thought the heat generated by the laser firing beam will tighten skin.  However, careful monitoring of Smartlipo treatment revealed that some final results failed to fulfil our and our clients' expectation. We also noticed that some patients can return to work immediately after the Smartlipo treatment and by using laser liposuction or Smartlipo, there is less chance of infection compared with the traditional liposuction under similar conditions. However, after using Smartlipo for a few years it is clear that Smartlipo did not fulfil our expectation and we are now mainly using Vaser lipo and Body Water-jet with much better results in our clinic . However, we still use Smartlipo for small areas of fat deposits in our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover which has already been registered as a provider for Surgical Procedures or Day Case Surgery Unit with the Healthcare Commission/Case Quality Commission.
  • Is Smartlipo safe?

    Yes, Smartlipo has been in use for several years and Smartlipo has proven a safe procedure. At Doctors Makeover we were one of the first groups of clinics to carry out Smartlipo procedure in the UK.
  • Does Smartlipo hurt?

    At our cosmetic surgery unit we use local anaesthesia and the procedure is painless because we now only use Smartlipo for small area of fat deposits, we are also able to offer sedation. When sedation is being used, the anaesthetist induces a light sleep but you will be fully conscious and can go home on completion of your Smartlipo Procedure. However, pain and discomfort are subjective feelings which depends on age, sex, ethnic background, previous experience and other factors. During and after Smartlipo Procedure many clients describe the procedure as a comfortable experience and we will also do our best to make your Smartlipo or Smart lipo treatment a pleasant experience for you. However, occasionally, the patient might experience some unpleasant feelings and twinges of pain, particularly when the fat is vacuumed by a powerful vacuum pump, therefore, now, we routinely offer the services of an anaesthetist who will be able to use sedative medications to counter act any anxiety and pain during the Smartlipo Procedure.
  • Am I in safe hands?

    Yes, our trained doctors are members of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (MRCS) and/or Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS). Our doctors were among the first groups of doctors who has been fully trained to use Smartlipo in the United Kingdom. There are also specialist plastic surgeons who see and treat clients at Doctors Makeover. Our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, has been visited by the Healthcare Commission/Care Quality Commission, the regulatory body to oversee the standard of medical care in the healthcare establishments in the United Kingdom. The Healthcare Commission/Care Quality Commission has already granted our cosmetic surgery clinic "Day Surgery Unit"  as a provider of "Surgical Procedures" in the UK . We continuously also monitor and improve our services. We always welcome any comments made by our clients.
  • How much will Smartlipo cost me?

    Smart lipo or Smartlipo costs much less than traditional liposuction. The overall cost will depend on the area of treatment. At the moment, our reduced Smartlipo price starts from approximately 1200 for the first area and then depending on the number of subsequent areas, the price proportionally will be much lower. For example, two areas can be treated as low as about 2000 and three areas can be treated as low as 2300 and so on. However, depending on the size of fat deposits we will give you a precise low cost price at the time of your consultation. Therefore, we will discuss costs during your initial consultation after your examination and answering your questions. Smartlipo is slightly cheaper than Vaser lipo and Body Water-jet and it is our advice that Smartlipo can be used for treating small area of fat deposits, one should consider Vaser lipo as an alternative to Smartlipo for areas such as abdomen and back. However, please also see our 0% Finance.
  • How can I make an appointment with the doctor in your clinic?

    If you are interested in any surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment or Smartlipo in particular, please complete a Contact Us form or you can telephone us on: 020 8868 0555 to book a consultation with the doctor. We offer you discount if you decide to have more than one cosmetic treatment with us.
  • What issues are going to be addressed during the consultation?

    At our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, we regard consultation as a two-way discussion; we usually show you some clinical slides on effectiveness and safety of Smartlipo. The doctor also tells you if Smartlipo procedure is suitable for you and answers your questions. We also give you a competitive estimate price for your treatment. During the consultation process, we will advise you on clinical aspects of Smartlipo and we will help you in making your final decision.


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