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At Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic which has already been registered with Care Quality Commission for "Surgical Procedures", we remove a wide range of benign lesionsi under local anaesthesia. These operations are safe, effective, quick, affordable and straightforward and carried out by our experienced and highly qualified doctors who are Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) or/and specialist plastic surgeon and are fully registered with the GMC in the United Kingdom. The procedure will be fully explained to you and possible risk and complications will be discussed at the initial consultation and your questions will be answered.

  • What is a ganglion?

    Ganglions are fluid-filled sacs (cyst) which appear mainly around the joints and tendons, usually the wrist and back of the foot. Ganglion is a benign lump and can be left alone.
  • If ganglions are harmless, why do remove ganglions?

    There are several reasons for ganglion removal:

    • Cosmetic reasons; often the main reason for ganglion removal request.
    • Pressure on the surrounding structures causing symptoms; pressing on a nerve causing pain.
    • Ganglion is large and increasing in size.
    • Ganglion restricts movement in a joint.
    • Diagnosis of ganglion is uncertain.
    • Ganglion causes problems on account of its site, size, appearance or presence of symptoms.
    • Despite reassurance by the doctor, patient wants ganglion to be removed.
    • Individuals might notice rubbing or interference with clothing and restriction of movement in their joints as ganglion is usually close to those areas.
  • What are the symptoms of a ganglion?

    A ganglion contains gelatinous colourless material and is asymptomatic but some people complain of irritation and dull pain together with weakness in the affected joint and tendon.
    How do you treat a ganglion?
    Ganglions are treated by surgical excision under local anaesthesia. At Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic, we carry out ganglion surgical removal on a Day Case Surgery under basis under local anaesthesia. This means it is safe and you are able to walk away straight after the ganglion removal. The whole operation should take less than an hour in duration.
    What are the main complications after surgical removal of a ganglion?
    There may be some discomfort, pain, bruising and swelling at the site of the operation and we will supply you with a follow-up appointment on the day of the operation. There is also rare risk of infection and recurrence.

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