Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Doctors Makeover, our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Doctors Makeover, 110 Marsh Road, Pinner, Middlesex, Greater London HA5 5NA Tel: 020 8868 0555.

  • How can I get to your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    Doctors Makeover is easily accessible by several routes click here for an area map:
    By Tube: Doctors Makeover is only about 2-3 minutes walk away from the Pinner Underground Station on the London Metropolitan Underground Line, see the Tube Map.
    By Bus: bus numbers 183, H11, H12 and H13 stop at the Bus Stop (Pinner Station Stop) which is outside the Doctors Makeover door, on Marsh Road.
    By Car: the clinic is in the northwest London, United Kingdom between the M1 and M40 Motorways. From these two motorways, you can follow the signs for Wembley and Harrow areas. We are situated in Pinner, close to North Harrow area and beside Pinner Underground Station. For a road map and area map click here.
    By Air: Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic is situated in the northwestern part of London, we are approximately half an hour drive from both Heathrow and Luton Airports.

  • Is there a car park near Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    There is a large public car park just opposite the clinic. There is also plenty of pay and display parking on Marsh Road and the surrounding areas. We recommend that you use the large car park opposite the clinic. There are also free parking spaces in the side streets from Marsh Road.

  • Can I drive home after the operation/procedure?

    Answering this question depends on the nature of your procedure. Although, nowadays, cosmetic surgery is less invasive and at Doctors Makeover, we perform our procedures under local anaesthesia, therefore there is no problem if you decide to walk or take public transport or even drive away. However, at Doctors Makeover, we recommend that you should arrange for somebody to take you home after your operation, particularly if you have had sedation. You must not drive for 24 hours if your operation has been performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. At Doctors Makeover, our surgeons, also recommend that somebody should stay with you during the first day at home after having sedation. Further advice can be obtained at the time of your attendance.

  • Why should I have my cosmetic treatment at Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    There are a number of benefits for having your cosmetic treatment at our modern and well-equipped clinic. You will have direct and easy access to your surgeon and supporting team 24 hours a day, without any hassle and communication barriers before, during and after your cosmetic treatment at Doctors Makeover. At our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Mskeover, we endeavour to provide you with individualized attention and continuity of your cosmetic care without facing new surgeons and staff on each occasion. Our procedures are performed by our highly qualified and experienced medical staff who are specialist plastic surgeons and/or Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons and are fully registered with the GMC in the UK. At Doctors Makeover, we have invested in  the latest technology to widen your option of cosmetic treatments and enable us to treat your cosmetic problems with minimally invasive procedures. We employ no middle man or salesman to redirect clients to us.Doctors Makeover, is proud to receive clients by recommendation and reputation and the surgeon who sees you for your consultation will also carry out your procedure. Because of your direct access to us and our low running costs, at Doctors Makeover, we offer the most competitive prices without any hidden extras in the United Kingdom. We are honest and open in our advice. We know having cosmetic surgery is a big decision in your life, we take your cosmetic care very seriously to the best of our abilities. We put our clients' best interest at the heart of our cosmetic care policy. Doctors Makeover has a consumer credit licence from the Office of Fair Trade and there is the possibility of 0% finance arrangements to cover your cosmetic treatment by installments subject to your financial circumstances. Doctors Makeover is also situated at northwest of London with easy access to road, rail, London Underground and bus routes.

  • Is Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic, regulated by the Care Quality Commission and a safe facility for me to have my cosmetic treatment?

    Yes, our clinic has been inspected by the inspectors from the Healthcare Commission and Care Quality Commission, which is the present regulatory body for healthcare providers and services in the UK. The Care Quality Commission inspectors have visited our clinic and have already granted us a "Day Surgery Unit" status and as one of their providers of “Surgical Procedures” in the United Kingdom. We are appropriately equipped to treat clients who are undergoing cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures with safety and care.

  • Are the staff in Doctors Makeover, cosmetic surgery clinic qualified and trained?

    Yes, all members of our staff have been appropriately trained. Our doctors are specialist plastic surgeons and/or Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and are fully registered with the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom and our therapists and supporting team are experienced and appropriately trained. Doctors Maekover also benefits from wide experience of our UK registered nurses on site.

  • What kind of anaesthesia do you use at Doctors Makeover, cosmetic surgery clinic?

    At Doctors Makeover, we perform all procedures under local anaesthesia with or without sedation. We already have a licence for in-house sedative medication and when in addition to local anaesthetic, sedation is being used, an anaesthetist will also be present at the operation to administer sedative medication to induce a light sleep during the operation to control  any anxiety and pain. The effect of sedative medication is short-lived. Although you are in a light sleep or almost awake during your operation, you can walk away after completion of your procedure. There are other health benefits of having your cosmetic procedure under local anaesthesia because it is safer than gneneral anaesthesia which carries higher risk of potential serious side-effects.

  • Can I visit Doctors Makeover,your cosmetic surgery clinic before my procedure?

    Yes, you can. In fact as a matter of our routine policy, we encourage our clients to pay a visit to us and see our modern clinic. As a part of our pre-operative plan we show you around the clinic and our facilities when you come for your initial consultation at Doctors Makeover. Yor doctor will also discuss the pros and cons of your procedure and answer any queries you may have. We would like to involve you in your care and supply you with information and encourage our clients to seek other independent professional advice before committing themselves to making a final decision.

  • Is my treatment confidential in Doctors Makeover your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    Yes, your confidentiality and privacy is important to us and completely guaranteed throughout every aspect of your enquiry and treatment. Please see our privacy policy.

  • How can I complain against Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    You need to contact us or write to us, in the first instance, and explain your grievances. We have a complaint procedure in place in our clinic and you are more than welcome to ask for a copy at our reception desk. We follow our complaint protocol on this subject. Please do not forget that we are consistently improving our services and need feedback from you. We welcome your contributions which could be positive as well as negative comments. They play an important part in the development of our future treatment plans and customer care policies.

  • What are the payment options at Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    At Doctors Makeover, we take the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Debit but have no facilities for American Express cards at the moment. You can also make payments by cash. We supply you with a receipt upon payment. 0% finance is available up to 12 months, and over the longer periods of time with a low rate charge, dependent on your financial circumstances. A financial services company carries out arrangements on our behalf and the company normally checks on your credit history and your ability to pay. There might be some administration charges if you wish to take your loan over a prolonged period of time, for instance, more than 12 months in duration.

  • Can I get a job in Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    We advertise our vacancies in the local newspapers and over the Internet but you are more than welcome to write to us and enclose a copy of your up-to-date CV for the attention of: Mr Taghipour, 110 Marsh Road, Pinner, Greater London, HA5 5NA, United Kingdom. In particular, from time to time, we are looking for nurses, beauty therapists and qualified plastic surgeons on the GMC Specialist List with high standards of expertise in their field. You can also email us at:

  • Am I suitable for cosmetic treatment at Doctors Makeover?

    We know that healthy people undergo "Cosmetic" treatments without any medical indications. Therefore, having a cosmetic treatment is a personal matter not for a health reason. At Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic we offer non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments to people 18 and over who are psychologically stable and are in reasonably good physical health. It is known that almost no cosmetic surgery result is ideal; therefore, you should have a realistic expectation of the outcome.

    At Doctors Makeover, we evaluate our clients and then we advise our clients to consider cosmetic surgery. However, it is well known that people who undergo cosmetic surgery should be emotionally stable, financially sound and secure with realistic expectations.


  • Should emotion play an important part in your decision to have cosmetic surgery?

    It is known that emotional factors might play an important part in your decision to have a cosmetic treatment. However, cosmetic surgeries such as facelift can improve your appearance and give you more self confidence but making any changes to your face or any part of your body is not going to guarantee a "new life" or end all of your emotional problems. At Doctors Makeover we suggest that it is best to stay away from cosmetic treatments when you are going through life crises such as going through divorce or losing your job in the hope that a cosmetic treatment would give you a partner or a job. It is the individual's mental attitude that determines a successful outcome of any work and cosmetic treatment should only be seen as a complimentary factor to a positive mental approach.

  • Who is not suitable for cosmetic treatment at Doctors Makeover?

    In general, cosmetic treatments are relatively safe, particularly as nowadays, there is an endless list of variety of non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments which opens up options for almost anybody. However, at Doctors Makeover, we take our clients' safety very seriously and we are also aware of our boundaries and limitations. Therefore, during your initial consultation we will identify clients who might not be a suitable candidate to have their cosmetic treatment in our clinic. We will be frank but helpful and advise you on this matter. As a general rule, if you are suffering from ill health there is increased risk of complications. Taking some medications, such as aspirin increases bruising and bleeding tendencies which are also associated with advanced liver diseases. Any underlying heart or lung diseases such as poorly controlled high blood pressure (hypertension), angina and severe asthma or any endocrine problems; thyroid problems or poorly controlled diabetes carries a higher risk of complications and without appropriate pre-operative preparations and presence of an anaesthetist during the entire duration of operation might be deemed unsafe. In particular, candidates of eyelid surgery should not suffer from any eye diseases such as glaucoma or retinal problems. Cosmetic treatments are non-emergency surgeries, therefore, there is an opportunity for the doctor to take a thorough medical history and examination. Proper assessment will help the doctor to select patients, and reduce and minimize the risks of such selective cosmetic treatments. 

  • What is 'pain'?

    The origin of the word 'pain' is thought to come from ancient Greek and Latin meaning punishment and penalty. Pain is a subjective and personal unpleasant feeling. Pain could be mild, moderate or severe in intensity, acute or chronic in duration and sudden or insidious in onset. At Doctors Makeover, we do our best to prevent any pain and discomfort and we carry out our surgical procedures under local anaesthesia with or without sedation.

  • Does cosmetic surgery hurt?

    At our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, we perform procedures under local anaesthesia with or without sedation with satisfactory pain control and outcome. At your initial consultation, we will discuss with you options and if you decide to use sedation during your procedure then an anaesthetist will be at your procedure to induce a light sleep to control your anxiety and pain.
    However, pain is an unpleasant sensation and physical and emotional interpretation of 'pain' and 'discomfort' by an individual is a personal and 'subjective' feeling. It means when you complain of 'pain', people can 'sympathize' with you but probably nobody will be able to put himself/herself in your shoes and truly 'empathize' with your situation, although, he/she has been through the same unpleasant experience before because human memory is short-lived and it is also known that sensation of 'pain' and reaction to it like our other senses is expressed differently by each individual person and in different settings and circumstances.
    Furthermore, it seems that perception and interpretation of our feelings and senses such as touch, vision, hearing and smell as well as pain and discomfort are expressed differently by each person and our reaction to these senses is quite unpredictable because it is well-known that many factors play a role in our perception of our senses, for example, age, gender, past experience, personal perceptions and health beliefs, race, cultural and ethnic background and psychological factors are powerful contributors in formulation of our sensitivity and perception of our feelings including 'pain'. Therefore, it seems that when somebody complains of 'pain', even the doctor's empathy might not accurately identify with the extent of one's discomfort. At Doctors Makeover, through our experience, we plan your pain control and we believe in prevention of pain by effective communication and early detection.

  • How can I go about cosmetic treatment?

    Embarking on cosmetic treatments is a big decision because it not only involves your physical and emotional health; it is also often a large investment in yourself which needs to be considered with great care. It is known that all aspects of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments are associated with some risk and even a gentle surgical procedure has its own risks. Therefore, we suggest that if you are thinking seriously of having a cosmetic treatment it is advisable to book a few consultations with different professionals before being able to make your mind up and decide on this very important issue. During each of these consultations, you need to see the surgeon who will perform your procedure, face to face. Such a consultation should be free of charge. You also need to see the environment in which your procedure is going to be carried out. You should be able to ask questions on any aspect, if you feel you have not been able to receive enough information. You are entitled to safeguard your interest and to make sure you are in safe hands. The surgeon gives you an account of his/her observation after your examination and probably suggests a plan in terms of treatment, risks/benefits, recovery and some information about results. You should be aware that in the last few years, we have witnessed the growing number of websites and organisations which act as a 'middle man' to channel patients to certain places in the UK and even take them abroad for cosmetic treatment without appropriate safeguards, therefore educating yourself mainly by searching over Internet and direct approach to surgeons or clinics of your choice and then meeting the surgeon is considered to be safe path in your search for cosmetic treatment. At Doctors Makeover, we offer free no obligation consultations in our modern clinic. Our surgeons prefer to see you at least twice before your operation to give you information and answer your questions. You can contact us on: 020 8868 0555 to make an appointment at your convenience or you can contact us by email at:

  • What questions do you need to ask yourself before embarking on cosmetic treatment?

    The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and Department of Health in the UK suggest you should ask some questions of yourself before deciding on having surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, questions such as:
    1. Do you need this cosmetic treatment/operation or because of what somebody else has told you to do?
    2. Are you in the right frame of mind? Major life events such as moving home, changing job, bereavement, break up of a relationship and childbirth are not the right times to decide on cosmetic surgery/treatment.
    3. Are you confident the surgeon also understands your emotional needs. At Doctors Makeover we follow national advice, and our surgeon might refer you for a psychological evaluation before your procedure or refuse to carry out your procedure if we think that is in your best interest to be seen a psychologist but you do not take our surgeon’s advice.
    4. Have you received enough information including risks of the treatment/operation? At Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic we supply you with information at your initial consultation with your surgeon, so that, you have a chance to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment, before deciding on your next move.
    5. In line with the same guidelines, we give you written information at your initial consultation with your surgeon to reflect on the information for period of time and think about having the cosmetic treatment which you are going to have at our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover. This period of time is known as: “cool off before you commit period”. Therefore, we have given you enough time for reflection without any financial commitment before deciding on your surgical procedure. Some organisations such as the BAAPS website rightly advises patients to be aware of what appears to be a “free consultation" but involves financial arrangements that may appear to influence your judgement or lock you into a decision. Certainly, we feel you must not be under any pressure or commitment and we would like to work alongside you because we consider your choice of using our services as a privilege and opportunity to serve you and build up a relationship with you rather than pushing you into a hurried financial contract.

  • What questions do you need to ask the surgeon and the clinic or hospital before having your surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatment?

    The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and some other organisations in different parts of the World suggest you should ask some questions from your surgeon at your initial consultations before deciding on having surgical treatment in a particular cosmetic clinic or hospital, questions such as:
    1. Is there a financial penalty if I change my mind about having surgery? If yes, up to which date can I change my mind without financial penalty.
    2. Is the surgery performed in the same clinic or hospital and such procedures and treatments are regularly performed in your clinic.
    3. How many of patients have complained to you about the quality of your services or not being happy with the results of their cosmetic treatment in your clinic.
    4.Is the surgeon trained in such a procedure? If yes, can you see the surgeon’s credentials in that respect.
    Generally speaking, most cosmetic treatments can be carried out by a doctor with some surgical training such as Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS). However, there are increasing private companies (and manufacturers of the medical devices and products) who have been offering training for doctors in the UK in the last few years. It is well-known that well above 95% on all surgeons (including plastic surgeons) are trained by the NHS hospitals in the UK. The NHS by definition excludes any surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment (although depends on where you live in the country), therefore, you can ask for the surgeon’s experience.
    5. Is the doctor trained and fully registered/licensed by the GMC in the UK. There has been some concern about other EU trained doctors who can move freely and take any unsupervised post or position in the NHS and private clinics without any assessment by the GMC in the UK (non-EU doctors have to pass both language and medical examinations before the GMC allow them to undertake usually only supervised NHS posts in the UK).
    6. With significant increase in demand for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the UK in recent years, many persons and groups have been quick to set up website and organisations either to recruit professionals with inflating membership fees or/and redirect cosmetic patients to certain doctors/clinics/hospitals inside the UK or abroad. Therefore, understandably, some organisations such as ASGBT, BAAPS, BAOMS, BAORLHNS, BACD, BARPAS ..... express their concern on involvement of non-specialist and probably those who have elected to be not a member of these organisations in cosmetic surgery on their websites and annual meetings. Despite the efforts of the only CQC, doctors feel that there are some shortcomings in the safety of the cosmetic patients’ in the UK. The good news is that at the moment the EU working party is drawing plans to regulate surgical and non-surgical treatments including Botox and dermal fillers in all EU country members.
    7. You can ask about the anaesthetist experience and qualifications and if the anaesthetist is fully registered with the GMC.
    8. Is the clinic/hospital registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the “regulated activity” such as the performance of surgical procedures? The CQC is the only official regulatory body for all clinics and hospitals including private sector in the UK. Therefore, you can ignore the advice of the rest of these often self-appointed groups/organizations, because the CQC has legal power to withdraw license of clinics and hospitals but could not control activity of non-regulated organizations. Therefore, any CQC registered clinic/hospital has a lot to lose if they do not comply with the CQC Standard of Care. The CQC has inspectors who pay scheduled and non-scheduled inspections of the clinics and hospitals facilities. The CQC inspectors provide a report which is posted on the CQC website for public view which addresses all the details including the suitability of the facilities for each particular service.
    Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic, is inspected and registered as a provider of “Surgical Procedures” in the UK. You can read our latest CQC report on Doctors Makeover at the CQC website.

  • How do you compare your Doctor Makeover (cosmetic surgery) prices for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatment with your competitors?

    We are offering affordable competitive prices, most probably among the lowest in the United Kingdom because we are a relatively small clinic with low running costs and expenditures but offering high quality individualized cosmetic care. Therefore, we have been able to pass a considerable discount to our customers.
    Our pricing is transparent with no hidden extras and includes garments, antibiotics and painkiller medications, when it is applicable.

  • What are the follow up appointments at Doctors Makeover after your surgical procedure?

    After your procedure, your doctor will be available and will be happy to see you anytime you wish. However as a matter of routine post-operative care we encourage you to come back and see us at one week, four weeks and six months after the procedure. We hope you would keep in touch with us in the long-term. 

  • What should I expect from my follow up appointments at Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    During the first post-procedure appointment, at Doctors Makeover, any worry or concern will be addressed. You will be examined and your stitches will be removed, if indicated. You will be advice given on your aftercare plan. We also advise you on general health and well-being, for example, your lifestyle modifications such as diet and physical activity, together with plan for the future for an ongoing co-operation.

  • What should I do if I am not happy with my final procedural results at Doctors Makeover?

    Your doctor will see you and during the consultation, will address your concerns and worries and we will do our best to help you and resolve the problem. At Doctors Makeover, as a part of our post-operative evaluation, your before and after procedure pictures will be reviewed and compared and your concern will be addressed appropriately. Provided that we are satisfied that there is no result at all, then we will consider re-doing your procedure free of charge. However, if there are some visible improvement but you want us to repeat the procedure on the same area which has been treated before, then, we will charge you the basic costs which will be much less than the original fees to cover our consumable costs. You need to be realistic with your results and you will have opportunities to discuss different aspect of your care and expectation with your doctor. It is thought that the task of the cosmetic doctor is challenging or, at least, can not be less than duties of the other medical staff because the cosmetic seeking patient expects to see improvement both subjectively and objectively, after the procedure. This level of visible inspection and watchful and vigilant examination of the doctor's missions by his/her clients is differ from the scrutiny abilities of those being treated for high blood pressure or diabetes or even having heart operation, by other doctors. Therefore, good communication with your doctor and understanding of your expectation from your cosmetic treatment is crucial and at, Doctors Makeover, we will take your wishes into consideration and with your direct involvement plan your treatment to obtain optimal cosmetic results. We do not undertake any task if we think we are unable to fulfill it.

  • What are your pain control policies at Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    This is depends on the procedure you are going to have. We perform minimally invasive procedures such as Vaser, the Body Water jet and Smartlipo under local anaesthesia but more invasive operation need different approach. Using local anaesthetic means that you will be fully awake and conscious of the situation during your procedure and only the area(s) to be treated will be numbed by local anaesthetic injection/infiltration. Although the great majority of our patients tolerate well these minimally invasive procedures under local anaesthesia alone, there have been occasions when the patient mentioned a breakthrough unpleasant feeling during these procedures. We do our best to control your pain but you also need to be realistic as all surgeries by definition involve cutting and damaging the tissues within the body. Therefore, unfortunately whatever method of surgery including cosmetic surgery you choose, it cannot be without some degrees of discomfort because medical science has not yet been able to discover a miracle to make surgeries completely pain-free during and after the operation. Therefore, all patients experience some degree of pain and discomfort but Doctors Makeover disagrees with quotation that “no pain, no gain” as you can "gain" with minimal "discomfort" and it is our professional and moral duty to make sure your are discomfort during and after your procedure and your recovery is uneventful and speedy. Obviously we make sure adequate pain control is given during and after the operation. The nature of the operation is also the main factor is choosing the type of anaesthesia. There are associated risks with general anaesthesia. Therefore, there is a case for arguement among the professional some of whom believe that all cosmetic surgical procedures should be carried out under local anaesthesia. There are also other safe alternative methods, for example, intravenous sedation and the use of local anaesthesia in combination with medications which reduces pain and anxiety (sedatives) are very safe and effective and most probably the better methods to achieve this goal.
    Therefore, at Doctors Makeover, we are routinely offering local anaesthesia with sedation to our patients. This option will be discussed during your initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon. For a small additional fee, an anaesthetist will also be present during the whole duration of your operation, to take care of any associated anxiety and control of your pain during the operation. We recommend our patients to consider our offer of local anaesthesia with sedation. Doctors Makeover also equipped with other facilities and methods of pain control and we explain to our client and help them to decide on type of pain control because once the procedure is started, and if you can not tolerate it for any reason, the cosmetic surgeon has to terminate the procedure and no refund will be given, only in rare circumstances can be re-arranged.
    It is worthwhile to note that the use of an injection of local anaesthetic in the area to be treated takes the pain away but you still feel the area on touching (the touch sensation remains intact even after the injection of local anaesthesia). Therefore, we have come across patients who became anxious during the procedure and in retrospect; administering additional sedating medications consisting of strong painkillers with the inert properties of reducing the anxiety (sedation) would have been beneficial during the procedure. The anaesthetist will be present to take care of such aspects of your care, if that becomes necessary, by inserting a cannula into a vein in your forearm or hand and sedating and painkiller drugs are administered through the cannula. You will feel drowsy but fully conscious and you are breathing on your own. The area to be treated is infiltrated/injected with diluted local anaesthetic (tumescent solution) to make sure that while the surgeon is performing your procedure, it is pain free. Therefore, in other words, the local anaesthetic numbs the area and administration of sedating and painkillers into your vein through a cannula goes into your body system and reaches your brain through your blood stream and reducing your anxiety and has a positive effect on your pain control. The anaesthetist also looks after your safety. therefore, by controlling your anxiety and pain, the anaesthetist gives opportunity to the surgeon to complete your procedure in a timely fashion.
    Although the principles of pain-control are universal, the use of different methods of anaesthesia and pain control differs widely across countries and sometimes regions. For example, general anaesthesia is use for almost minor procedures in the NHS despite use of local anaesthetic in combination with a wide range of sedating painkillers and similar medications to induce a light sleep (twilight) even during relatively major operations has been on the increase in other parts of the world. It is well established that twilight anaesthesia is safe and favoured by patients because there is no risk of general anaesthesia and the patients can go home on the completion of the procedure and often they have no memory of the procedure as they have been sleeping lightly during the procedure.

  • Are you making sure I do not contract infections during my operation at Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    At Doctors Makeover, we perform all our operations in a clean environment under strict sterile conditions with almost no risk of infections. We have a purpose built operating room with non-touch scrubbing facilities. our meticulous cleanliness and effective infection control policy have already prevented infection occurring in our patients in the post-operative period. Therefore, although it is not possible for us to guarantee infection free operations, we could reassure you that we will take appropriate steps to minimize the chance of any post-operative complication to minimum. We community based, Doctors Makeover, is a clean environment which also make very unlikely for our clients to acquire infections, particularly serious and difficult to treat infections such as MRSA “super bug”, which is known to exist in many NHS and Private Hospitals in the UK.

  • Why should I put my faith in Doctors Makeover, your cosmetic surgery clinic?

    Medical disciplines, apart from cosmetic surgery, are an exact science where all the medical staff should be able to deliver almost an identical treatment of a condition and obtain the same result anywhere in the World. For example, if you are 45 and feeling thirsty and unwell for a few weeks and see any doctor, you will be asked a standard set of questions, examined in the same manner and a few tests might be arranged and if you were diagnosed as diabetic case then the management includes general health, life style modification, diet advice and prescription of certain medications for diabetes. To mention another example, if you suffer from tuberculosis, the name of the medications which will be prescribed and the length of treatment is also clear to any doctor. There are also known surgical procedures to treat different disease when surgical intervention become necessary.
    However, when it comes to the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments there is no universal consensus even among experts in this field. For example, facelift and mini facelift is done in more than twenty relatively different ways. Furthermore, when you wish to have eyelid, nose, facelift, neck lift or any other cosmetic treatment, you will be treated by an oculoplastic and facial surgeons, who apart from surgical skills, must have a good taste and intimate knowledge of "beauty" and be able to combine and restore the harmony of all the facial features through cosmetic surgery procedures. Surgical skills alone are not enough in cosmetic surgery; it can in some ways be compared to painting or music where talent, delicateness and inspiration in the execution make the difference.
    Unfortunately, the medical training of surgeons (even plastic surgeons) as a whole, does not include "beauty" therefore your chosen cosmetic surgeon might be a distinguished surgeon with expertise in surgical science but lack the sense and vision of "beauty" and creation of "harmony” in the face and body because the surgeon has not been taught the "art of beauty" during his training to become a plastic surgeon. This is particularly an important issue in the UK where the NHS has almost a complete monopoly on the training of surgeons without offering any "cosmetic" treatment to the public. At Doctors Makeover, our surgeons have been trained and we have been offering various surgical and non-surgical procedures from 2000. Our surgeons desire to gain knowledge of "beauty" has taken them far away and they have been able to visit and received special training and expertise from experts and surgeons with a special interest in "beauty" in several countries.
    We are in the opinion that almost all doctors including cosmetic surgeons in the UK are practising the “Good Medical Practice” standard set out by GMC medical; there is also peer pressure and safeguard from Care Quality Commission. The clinic such as ours are registered with Care Quality Commission (previously Healthcare Commission) with a registered responsible manager. 
    It is also known that each of us have our own understanding, interpretation and deep-rooted opinions on issues such as "health" and "illness". Therefore, the overall make-up of each of us on health issues has been termed as our "health beliefs". This means, by definition we tend to rule out some treatment options and favour others. For example, the patient rules out to have a general anaesthesia or opts out to have any sedation with local anaesthesia. Apart from the patient's and surgeon's factors in reaching a conclusion, there is also another important “environmental” factor. It depends on the patient's or surgeon's circumstances, for example, the patient cannot take any days off work or states that only certain amount of financial commitments can be undertaken. The surgeon might also have some agenda such as limitation of operating time and availability of equipment.
    The clients also under peer pressure from friends and family along with an ever increasing number of superfluous agencies and organisations over the media and the Internet. There are individuals who set up websites and direct patients to certain clinics within the UK or abroad for their own financial gain and there are also growing numbers of semi or non-official organisations who claim that unless the surgeon is an affiliated member of their organisation they should not be approached by the patients for cosmetic treatment. Therefore, it is important to be aware of several factors when making a decision on any cosmetic surgery.
    Our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, offers high quality personalized cosmetic care in the United Kingdom and it is our belief that our approach gives you the opportunity to have the best results.

  • Where should I look for more advice on having cosmetic treatment?

    This is depends on your cosmetic needs, for example, facelift, chemical peels, dermal filler. It is unlikely you can find a doctor who is able to offer every cosmetic treatments. We suggest that if you are serious about having a cosmetic treatment you need to see a few experts in that field to form your own opinion and make an informed decision. Presently, there are several problems in seeking advice over phone and Internet..
    There are also individuals who set up websites and direct patients to certain clinics within the UK or abroad for their own financial gain and there are also growing numbers of semi or non-official organisations who claim that unless the surgeon is an affiliated member of their organisation they should not be approached by the patients for cosmetic treatment. Surprisingly, these claims are made in the United Kingdom where the National Health Service (NHS) has a complete monopoly on the training of almost all medical and surgical specialities including "plastic surgeons" without offering almost any cosmetic treatment to its own patients. Therefore, it is important to be aware of several factors when making a decision on any cosmetic surgery.
    Our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, is one of the leading cosmetic clinics in this field in the United Kingdom and it is our belief that our approach gives you the opportunity to have a reasonable results. Our doctors are experienced and they are Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons and/or Specialist Plastic Surgeons and fully registered with the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom.

  • Which one is better, free or paid consultation?

    Paid or free consultation? There is no simple answer, as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Doctors think free consultation build up a patient-doctor relationship, although the surgeon knows, free consultation might also attract those who "want something for nothing" - they are happy to use the surgeon's expertise with no intention of using the surgeon's services whatsoever. However, it is thought patients feel better if they can have a free and easy access to the surgeon. At Doctors Makeover we offer free consultation because we think both sides need to trust each other as they are heavily investing in one another. Therefore, Doctors Makeover is in favour of "free no obligation consultation".


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