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Breast lift and breast reduction surgery are similar procedures but in breast reduction apart from raising and reshaping the sagging breasts the surgeon also reduces the volume of breasts.

Breast reduction might be carried out for non-cosmetic reasons, for example it is thought that heavy breasts might be responsible for skin sores underneath the breasts or other problems such as upper back pain, neck pain and postural difficulties.

It could be for other personal reasons, such as bra strap pain or difficulty to find suitable clothing to fit the body. However, some people are embarrassed by the size of their breasts and resort to cosmetic surgery, because they believe that their breast size is not proportional to the rest of their body.
At our cosmetic surgery clinic, Doctors Makeover, we carry out the procedure under local anaesthetic as a Day Case Surgery. This means it is safer and one can walk away straight after the operation. However, there are special criteria to be considered depending on the individual case.

The surgeon will take a full history and examine you at initial consultation. Certainly, there are many options to be considered for example beast shaping, correction, enhancement and even enlargement could be achieved by Macrolane. However, extensive, invasive and permanent breast enlargement procedures are not suitable for local anesthetic and, together with your surgeon, might decide to have the procedure carried out under general anesthesia.

How much does a breast lift cost?

We believe that we are one of the most competitive service providers in the country (see Our Price Commitment) and we can match any other price, offered by a doctor in the United Kingdom. Obviously, it depends on your individual case but our price starts from £1,500.

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