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Dr Jahangir Taghipour

Dr J TaghipourDr Jahangir Taghipour is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Scotland and was a Member of the Panel of Intercollegiate Examiners at the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in the United Kingdom and Ireland, International Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Member of World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Taghipour has other postgraduate qualifications and memberships. Mr Taghipour has a broad based experience in medical and surgical fields and has served in the National Health Service for more than 25 years and was also involved in teaching and training of medical staff. Mr Taghipour was employed by the Northwest London Hospitals NHS Trust (Northwick Park & St.Mark's Hospitals) until 2011. Dr Taghipour was one of the first cosmetic surgeons to offer community based non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments to the public in the UK. Over the years Dr Taghipour had been making the most of the technological advances in laser, ultrasound and latest safe cosmetic techniques to refine better results for his patients at low prices. Dr Taghipour has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery in particular, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures under local and regional anaesthesia with or without sedation. Dr Taghipour has built up one of the most successful private clinical practices in the United Kingdom and had treated patients from all over the UK and abroad. 

At Doctors Makeover Clinic, Dr Taghipour has the overall managerial responsibilities of the clinic and he is semi-retired and no longer on the General Medical Council (GMC) registered list in the UK.  Dr Taghipour finally had to abandon the  process appeal against the GMC decision in the High Court in London because of the legal costs. Although Dr Taghipour can apply to be considered to be reinstated on the GMC medical registered list, Dr Taghipour has no intention of applying to go back on the GMC register list in the future. Dr Taghipour believes for whatever reasons (GMC own statistics clearly reveals clear bias) he has been unfairly treated at least by some elements at Harrow Police and GMC. For example, on 17 December 2015 Inspector Jane Lee ERPTE Harrow Police Station had written to Dr Taghipour that "...the incident has highlighted issue with the performance of the initial investigating officer, and it appears that his performance of that occasion did not meet the required standard.." she continue to mention that the officer would be dealt with through "managerial line". Dr Taghipour appreciate such very limited response from the police, but he is fully aware that this was only secured following the recording of the voice one of the attending officers on his mobile phone on 28 May 2015 when Dr Taghipour reported a criminal act against himself. The two attending officers were able to watch the criminal act against Dr Taghipour on CCTV but one of the officers who happened to be a white officer turned on Dr Taghipour by initially asking then demanding that Dr Taghipour ought to forget about the event and not the go ahead with reporting the crime. He was very protective of the assault who also happened to be a white person. After about two hours of bullying Dr Taghipour in his own practice because Dr Taghipour did not give in to his demands and insisted that he would wish to go ahead with reporting the crime, the police officer then used his own legal power to arrest and handcuffed Dr Taghipour in his own practice (in presence of staff, patients and member of his family) and took Dr Taghipour to Harrow Police in a marked police car. In addition, the officer not only did not protect the evidence of the crime, he purposefully made sure the evidence would be no longer available... on 29 June 2015 DrTaghipour attended Harrow Police and informed the police that because of his own bad experience in dealing with some elements in Harrow Police, he was in possession of the attending officer's recorded voice on his own mobile phone after Dr Taghipour was informed that the file has been completely closed. However, Dr Taghipour's recording of the disgraced officer's voice made the police to re-open and re-investigate on this occasion and Inspector Jane Lee's final written response on 17 December 2015.  

On more than 80 occasions Dr Taghpour has written to the police, GMC and even IPCC to investigate his case but for whatever reasons none of these organisations has shown any interest to find out the truth in his case which has severly effected his own and his family lives.. Dr Taghipour's case now in hands of a firm of his solicitor to see if they can help him on this matter. 

Dr Taghipour's legal team, who are fully aware of false allegations against Dr Taghipour, believes that for whatever reasons, the GMC panel has made an unfair and completely wrong decision and they were also shocked by the whole process of leading to the panel's decision and afterwards. For example, for whatever reason, no steps were taken by the Harrow Police and then GMC to investigate the likelyhood of allegations against Dr Taghipour but for whatever reasons those completely false allegations were finally accepted by the GMC/MPTS Panel. Dr Taghipour has also been legally advised that the GMC operates under Medical Act 1983 in the United Kingdom. The provisions of the Medical Act 1983 reveals that: "The practice of medicine or more particularly the provision of clinical care is NOT restricted by law or otherwise to those on the GMC's medical register nor in any way is it (legally) prohibited to those under interim suspension by the GMC provided they do not hold themselves out as having/ holding/ enjoying medical registration and/or are not engaged in any activity for which medical registration is required as a matter of law by the Medical Act 1983 (e.g. signing of certain certificates of prescribing medications)".

Therefore, Dr Taghipour has been advised by his legal team that his medical and surgical qualifications are from the universities and professional bodies such as the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in the UK and they are not affected by the GMC decision. Dr Taghipour has already taken appropriate steps to maintain his medical and surgical skills by attending conferences and workshops, being involved in teaching and the provision of clinical care in the UK (as defined in the Medical Act 1983 in the UK) and abroad. However, before contacting us to use Dr Taghipour's services in the UK, you must be aware that he is not on the GMC registered list in the United Kingdom and has no professional indemnity insurance cover.

For more information about Dr Taghipour and nature of allegations against him, search on the Internet . You can also contact us on: 02088680555 or email to:

There are other doctors who are also offering their services in our clinic and you can ask specifically to see somebody else at the time of your booking. Our aim is to serve you with a very high quality medical care at low prices and we can reassure you that your safety is the top priority for all of us including Dr Taghipour at Doctors Makeover, our cosmetic surgery clinic.   We have been inspected and properly registered by the healthcare regulatory body in the United Kingdom the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we are also committed to the Duty of Candour Statement as defined in the Robert Francis' report (read more about this report at: It is defined as: "The volunteering of all relevant information to persons who have or may have been harmed by the provision of services, whether or not the information has been requested and whether or not a complaint or a report about that provision has been made."

Dr Gian Luigi Zigiotti, Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Doctors Makeover, Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, 110 Marsh Road, Pinner Middlesex HA5 5NA. Telephone: 020 8868 0555

Dr J Taghipour Dr Gian Luigi Zigiotti Special Plastic Surgeon. He had studied medicine at the University of Bologna, Italy and underwent extensive plastic surgery specialist training at the University of Catania, Italy and further training in some of the renowned cosmetic surgery units in Italy.

Dr Gian Luigi Zigiotti had worked in at the University of Bologna, Italy and worked as plastic Surgeon at the University Hospital S. Orsola-Malpighi, Bologna, Italy. Dr Zigiotti had written many sscientific papers and pioneering work in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgey. Dr Gian Luigi Zigiotti had trained other doctors and lecturered in Plastic surgery and was Aggregate Professor of ophthalmology, University of Bologna, Italy.

Dr Zigiotti also worked in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK as plastic surgeon.

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