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From June 2000, Doctors Makeover Clinic has been continuously serving the public with surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures under the present regulations in the United Kingdom. We, at Doctors Makeover, believe that modern cosmetic procedures are now far less invasive, giving improved results and faster recovery times. Therefore, at Doctors Makeover Clinic our experienced and highly qualified therapists and doctors offer safe, effective, quick, affordable and straightforward services for your cosmetic requirements.

At the moment, Doctors Makeover mainly focuses on non-surgical procedures.

We ensure that our cosmetic treatments are;

Safe: We adhere to a safe and transparent process in dealing with our clients.

Quality: We have the functional and technical abilities to meet your expectations and cosmetic needs.

Customised: We offer individualised cosmetic care to our clients.

  • Experience: Doctors Makeover has been operating from June 2000 and our cosmetic therapists' experience, artistry, vision of beauty and skills makes us different when it comes to cosmetic treatments and final outcomes.  
  • Safe-hands: Low complication rates in our therapeutic procedures.
  • Popularity: Our clients recommend us to their family members and friends and often use our services again.
  • Impartial advice: Free no obligation consultation with our therapists.
  • Affordability: You put your confidence in us, and we hope to offer you "the best care at the lowest price for our offered cosmetic treatments"

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